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• Name of Project: Program to address the emotional deficiency among children from care homes aged between 7 and 12 years, supported by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and the "Open Society Institute" - Sofia. A pilot program was created within the framework of the project to address emotional deficiency amongst children from care home "Asen Zlatarov" Vratsa, aged between 7 and 12 years. The activities of the program were conducted by two experts and two volunteers from the group of 12 to 15 children and included the following aspects: knowledge of the body to maintaining physical tone and energy, emotional communication, awareness of "the self" in the process of communication, gaming situations and using methods of psychodrama, art therapy: music therapy, sounds, dances, colors and forms, physical, breathing and energy exercises. The total budget was 4988 USD. D. Application: Presentation Pilot Program Project

• 2011 - One week - Camp-school for computer skills for children from care home "Asen Zlatarov" Vratsa in Lozen, Sofia. With the support of VMware, Red Cross, and Red Cross Youth Association "Hope for Us-2008". The main objective of the project was to train youths to basic computer skills, enhance their motivation and confidence to be able to continue their development. That included providing first aid in a real life environment. Funding was corporate by VMware. Applications: Modular Program

• 2010 Project: "Children’s Smiles" - fundraising for summer camp from April to May 2010. The campaign was for self funding by organizing an exhibition of paintings and cards made
​​by children from DDLRG "Zlatarov" - Vratsa. Target groups are all children in the care home, "Asen Zlarov" Vratsa. Total budget was 600 Levs

• In 2010 "Hope for Us-2008" won the contest for computer equipment of United Bulgarian Bank, following which received five desktop workstations part of which were left for use by the children in the care home  "Asen Zlatarov" - Vratsa.

Project: EAT - EatingAbroadTogether, Linkinghealthwiththelanguages ​​- Linking language learning with health, funded under the Programme for Lifelong Learning, Key Activity 2 (KA2) Language multilateral projects (135124-2007-UK-KA2-KA2MP EAT) The project included 20 schools (primary level), 4 from each of the 5 European countries - Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Italy and UK. Each school was associated with a school in one of the other partner countries. The coordinator was the Canterbury Christian University (UK), partner of Bulgaria's Association "Integra" (www.integra.bg), and children from "Asen Zlatarov" and association "Hope for us - 2008" in Vratsa substituted one of the schools in the second year of the project. Children, teachers and school assistants shared tips, recipes, information on local customs and beliefs related to food and impressions about cultural similarities and differences. Children in all partner countries explored their traditions and recipes, drew pictures illustrating words and phrases and where possible sound recordings were made to facilitate the learning of pronunciation. All information was collected and translated into each of the partners’ languages and was structured in multilingual database: www.eatingabroadtogether.eu. Activities such as cooking demonstrations performed by local professional or celebrity chefs promoting healthy eating have been organised aimed at the local community. November 2007 - October 2009.

• "Integration in home environment - learning how to live independently: education for  food preparation" with a target group of children from 16 to 18 years to develop the attitude and volunteering initiative and learn to prepare their own meals at home and serve them. Implementation period: January 2009. Source of funding: Self-financing and support from several companies. The prize for the best be presented project was a new cooker to multiply this good initiative by the children and the association.

• "To warm up children’s dreams" - a campaign to raise funds for the Christmas party of children from the care home "Asen Zlatarov" – Vratza. Implementation period: December 2009. Source of funding: a campaign among companies from Vratsa. Objective: The children organized their celebration in a traditional Bulgarian style and became familiar with festive rituals.


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