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Hope For Us - a Bulgarian NGO
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The main objectives of ‘Hope for us-2008’ Association are:

1.       To develop and implement programs assisting children and persons of disadvantaged social status, related to their professional, cultural and health development which includes;

                                 I.            Prevention of early school leaving children and young persons subject to compulsory education;

                               II.            Work with children and young people in the fields of sports, tourism, culture, education and a healthy lifestyle.

                             III.            Prevention of  negative social behaviour and assisting in addressing the impact of such behaviour on the individual’s personality

2.          Develop and implement personal achievement and social integration programs for people of all ages and ethnic origin in Bulgaria by:  

                                I.            Improving the educational and cultural levels of ethnic minorities and their social integration, the implementation of health and educational activities

                              II.            Integration and reintegration of disadvantaged social groups and low skilled persons through pre-approved access to employment and social services, stimulating entrepreneurship and improving professional qualification.

                            III.            Exploration and promotion of foreign practices for community involvement in local government, human rights protection, integration of the disadvantaged persons, equality of citizens regardless of sex, age and ethnic background , local community development.


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Support for disadvantaged children

Programs for social integration and personal realizatio

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