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Foster care in frame .... in need of two children who were in need of rescue from abandonment and secure shelter and protection. The film is dedicated to foster care as a time frame the example of Dr. Tsvetelina Stoyanova and her family who are spiritual foster parents of these wonderful children. The personal example of Team Hope for our time and is a leading priority in the implementation of social protection to children. We believed that we must first make good someone in need, and then do whatever projects ... No personal example to give to social change is not to transcend the big change in society.

A film jointly produced by association Hope for us and software company VMware, Bulgaria in partnership with the National Training Centre of the Bulgarian Red Cross - Dolni Lozen project "Computer Camp-school friends" with children deprived of parental care "Asen Zlatarov" Vratsa . The team has always known that these camp schools were very important to children. One of our main goals is to help build a model of interaction with people outside the institutional environment in which they find themselves isolated. The acquired practical skills will enhance their opportunities for future implementation and will help them adapt to the environment in which their peers have already acquired these skills. Total project budget 9650 Levs

 Program to address the emotional deficiency among children from care homes aged between 7 and 12 years, supported by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and the "Open Society Institute" - Sofia. Within the framework of the project a pilot program was created to address emotional deficiency among children from the care home "Asen Zlatarov" Vratsa, aged between 7 and 12 years. The activities of the program were conducted by two experts and two volunteers from the group of 12 to 15 children and included the following aspects: knowledge of the body to maintain physical tone and energy, emotional communication, awareness of "the self" in the process of communication, gaming situations and use methods of psychodrama, art therapy: music therapy, sounds, dances, colors and forms, physical, breathing and energy exercises. The total budget was 4988 USD 


Children from care home SUPC-Sofia staged a musical performance. The theatre play took place on 18 May 2012 in socio-educational and professional centre Hadji Dimitre- Sofia. Nearly 20 actors took part and the performance was visited by 60 people.


A project of MTSP and DAZD for the European year of social inclusion which battles against poverty and social exclusion. Gavril took part in the project – part of the initiative. He shared that the social inclusion depended on him.

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