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 Internship category ‘I want to know it all’. The program will target older children in care homes, enabling them to have their own textbooks as the Ministry of Education does not provide free educational materials for students from 8th till 12th grade. Our idea is to help young people with educational support, enabling them to improve their grades at school and not feel discriminated by the other students who have textbooks. For more information please follow the link……


  ‘Look into the eyes’, the program will focus on children from care homes with mental and physical disabilities all across Bulgaria, and liaise with companies who can help with their treatment and development.

   "I want a steady hand ..."
The idea of our program is to help older youths and children to communicate with adults who will give them friendship and financial support so that they can feel more confident when leaving the institution in which their childhood was spent. This program is not an analogue of foster care – adults’ role will be one of friends and advisers, whom young people can trust to share freely, knowing that they will not be let down when needed.


"Mobile Center for Working with Children"

Mobile work with children and youths placed in specialized institutions is a demanding and social environmentally oriented concept for consulting them. It is being carried out within the framework of social pedagogy and social work, working in a group or individual basis. Mobile working with children and young people will take place in homes for children deprived of parental care in the region of Vratsa - Vratsa, Lick village, city Roman, Bardarski Geran, and Tri Kladentsi village.

Our decision to create the mobile group is motivated by the negative impression on the children and young people, made by the difficult behavior of young people and their need for particular attention. For more information, click here  

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